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With this new android app you can color your old photos in black and white with one click

Don't worry, you're not the only one with old black and white pictures and want to color them. However, Android phones do not offer this work. For this reason, we'll tell you how to color your photos in black and white using a magic app.

If you want to color those old black and white pictures that you have, you have reached the right place. Continue reading and you'll find out how it's done!
Colorize Images is an application based on machine learning to color images in black and white or gray. Without a doubt, it's the perfect tool for you if you're looking for a way to color your old photos.
Black and white photos can be selected for coloration from the grate gallery on their phone or from other apps such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google Photos. These images can then be shared after they are colored with other apps or saved in the gallery.
 Colorize Images uses a GPU server to provide this interesting coloring function. This means that images are sent to a remote location over the network and the color image is received back on your device.
To use the app the first thing you should do is grant permissions for the app to access your gallery. Then, click where you say 'choose a photo from a gallery'. After you choose it, the application will take one second while performing the coloring process. Then you'll see the color image on your phone screen.

Link App: Colorize Images
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